Take the leap of faith to cross the path over to the life you dream by mastering personal finance.

Do you wish to take time to focus on the small but important things that make up a meaningful life and at the same time generate wealth?

I want to help you shift your focus from constantly worrying about the stressful work life; and help you with personal finance and passive income!

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The Stray Soul started as the antithesis of modern busy life. Rather than being trapped in the constant and vicious cycle of being caught in the work life standards set by the society, slogging way more than needed and having zero work-life balance, let us focus on a lifestyle that lets our soul set it's own dreams and achieve them. And for that managing personal finance is the key!

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Stock Market for beginners

Everything you should look for before diving into the market

2021-06-22 4 min read

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Basics of Investing in Stock Market

Become the stock market wizard on your own

2021-02-23 2 min read

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How to start a blog as a beginner?

Is blogging still profitable in 2021?

2021-02-12 5 min read

“Life has no limitations except the ones you create. Not failure but low aim is a crime.”

- Your inner voice

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