The story behind The Stray Soul-

The Stray Soul is a personal finance and wealth management blog. It was the result of burnout. I was going too fast, wanting too much, and was unable to appreciate all the things I already had and took for granted. Inevitably, it was time to stop, breathe, and re-evaluate my life. I wanted to earn more money but not at the cost of losing work-life balance. This is a herculean task in the country where I come from- India, especially in it's financial capital Mumbai, a city which never sleeps. I thought to myself this can't be it. There needs to be a way to fulfil my dreams without having to compromise my life. And that's when I decided to start blogging about personal finance and wealth management.

 Why would you love to read The Stray Soul?

Two of my passions- Finance & Writing. Guess what's a combination of the two? Yes you are right, a finance blog!

I have always been an all-rounder in school. But, however rosy the picture might seem, being good at multiple things confuses you where to focus. There's a saying 'jack of all, master of none' and I didn't want to be a living example of that. Academics had always been my core strength and minting money my passion, that's when I decided to master finance and make a career in it. I am currently 21, a CA Finalist, CFA Level 1 cleared, Bachelors of Commerce (Major in Financial Accounting & Auditing).

When I was studying balance sheets and profit & loss statements of various companies as a part of my job, I thought why not do it for myself. I love finance and want to help others master it. Finance is an ocean and I do not claim that I know every drop of it, but I wish to give my best in every article that I write. I want to help people achieve their financial goals, on their own, yes it's possible!

Everyone loves money! Money can't buy happiness but it surely does buy stuff that can make you happy. So let us plan our wealth together! Keep reading and reach out in case you wish to ask anything, I would be glad to help.